About us

Women in Tech is an organisation network for promoting the value of diversity in technology. Technology Industries of Finland is the home of the network. The activities of the network are free and open to all.

The purpose of Women in Tech

We believe that diversity leads to better innovations and enables solving the big problems of the world.

Diversity leads to the success of Finland - and the whole world.

Women in Tech Finland can be a benchmark for other countries.

Read more about diversity as a business value.

Objectives  of Women in Tech

Women in Tech Finland wants a more diverse technical society. We want to speed up the cultural shift in Finland and encourage women to work in tech industry.

Our objective as an organization network is to

  • offer inspiring events for people from different backgrounds with an interest towards technology and making an impact
  • give insights on relevant topics and the future of technology business
  • provide information about the value of diversity, inclusion and equality and raise discussion in our society of the whole subject
  • offer role models
  • co-operate with other actors in the field such as networks, projects, educational bodies.

Check out materials from our past events, articles about us and some studies & statistics about women in tech.

How to get girls interested in technology?

Women in Tech Finland has a focus on objectives mentioned above but the important work of encouraging and inspiring everyone to tech starts early.

Technology Industries of Finland, the home of Women in Tech Finland, has for example a MyTech programme for primary and high school students. In the programme, students make a study visit at a technology university and technology company. They get practical experience and knowledge about real-life tech applications. Teachers can also broaden their view on technology related professions.

According to a study by Microsoft “Why Europe’s girls aren’t studying STEM”, the five biggest factors driving girls’ interest are:

  1. Female role models
  2. Experience and hands-on exercises
  3. Teacher mentors and support
  4. Real-life applications
  5. Confidence in equality

Here are some examples of actors in Finland who are working with this important subject:

Target group: younger talents and school teachers

Target group: students, professionals

Target group: Organisations / society