Women in Tech Finland aims to encourage and support women, and promote the values of diversity, equity and inclusion in technology.


Women in Tech Finland’s vision is to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive technology industry.

Our objective as an organization network is to:


Provide opportunity to network with individuals, organizations and companies


Offer inspiring events around technology and its societal impact


Bring up diverse role models and share career stories


Share content and knowledge on gender equality in tech


Raise discussion about diversity, equity and inclusion in tech


Collaborate with other organizations and initiative in the technology field

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Check out materials from our past events, articles about us and some studies & statistics about women in tech.

How to get more women interested in technology?

The work of encouraging and inspiring everyone to tech starts early on. According to a study by Microsoft “Why Europe’s girls aren’t studying STEM”, the five biggest factors driving girls’ interest are:


Female role models

Experience and hands-on exercises

Teacher mentors and support

Real-life applications

Confidence in equality

Here are some examples of actors and organizations in Finland who are working with this subject:

Women in Tech workshop picture
Women in Tech workshop picture

Target group: students, professionals


Women in Tech Finland network was born as an idea in fall 2012 by Marjo Miettinen and Anne Stenros. A home for the network was found at Technology Industries of Finland where Mervi Karikorpi and Piia Simpanen worked. By fall 2013, when the first bi-annual Women in Tech Forum was organized, Pia Erkinheimo also joined the team.

Marjo Miettinen
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ensto
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Anne Stenros
City of Helsinki
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Mervi Karikorpi
Technology Industries of Finland
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Pia Erkinheimo
Angel Investor
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Piia Simpanen
Technology Industries of Finland
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Women in Tech Finland grew in the Fall of 2015 to last a whole week with different kinds of activities e.g. “Women in Tech Pitch Event” for female founders, and technology education event for teacher education students.

In October 2017, the whole Finlandia Hall with more than 1000 seats was reserved for the 3rd Women in Tech Forum, and by organizing the week for the 2nd time Women in Tech Finland was part of the programme for the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017.

In June 2018, Women of Aalto started as the new operative team of Women in Tech while Technology Industries of Finland still remained the home of the network.

In January 2020, Inklusiiv became the new home for Women in Tech Network. At the same time, Inklusiiv became also as the new operative team behind the network.