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Inspiring Woman in Tech: Laura Thurlin, Co-founder of LudoCraft Oy

I have been working with games since 2004 which puts me into the tech career pool. I got started by joining a game research group at the University of Oulu. The research group later spun off into a company, called LudoCraft in which I am a founding member and lead animation artist. I never really thought about pursuing a career in tech.However, tech had a very strong role in my media art education. For me, it has always been about what tech has to offer to the content creation process. Continue reading...

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Key Takeaways from Virtual Women in Tech Forum 2020

This year, we organized Virtual Women in Tech Forum as a Special Edition with the theme “Closing the Gender Gap in Technology”.

The effects of COVID-19 have been harmful to women, not just in technology. Thus, this year’s theme has become even more relevant and crucial than ever.

Continue reading...

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Inspiring Woman in Tech: Piia Simpanen, Co-Founder of Women in Tech Finland 

We at Technology Industries of Finland want to be a platform for new ideas. Sometimes the ideas remain as pilot projects, sometimes they grow into something bigger. In the case of Women in Tech, the latter happened. In 2012, we at Technology Industries of Finland gave a home to the idea of organizing an event for women working in technology industries. During the years, Women in Tech activities grew from a single event into an organization network. Continue reading...

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Inspiring Woman in Tech: Sanna Halenius

I took one programming course in high school and based on that I found myself interested in IT and thought I could study it more. After high school, I got the Datanomi degree (Vocational qualification in information and communication technology) from ATK-instituutti and started to work as a software developer. Continue reading...

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Amazing Woman in Tech: Jasmin Penther

Already as a teenager, I have been interested in the technical field. After I graduated from high school, I took a gap year to try out different fields of engineering through internships in the wind power industry and medical technology. Those internships were a great experience and led me to study electrical engineering in Germany. Continue reading...

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Marja Dunderfelt making an impact in the cybersecurity world

My over 20 years of working career in a multinational operator and security field have consisted of different types of security responsibilities, including over ten years in group-level security management positions.  Continue reading...


Inspiring Woman in Tech: Minttu Viitanen

I have a master’s degree in business and economics and started out by working in financial accounting for a manufacturing company. At the time, back in 2005, there was an ERP systems implementation boom in the company, and the people working in these projects travelled around the world for this work. I wanted more of the same. Continue reading...

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Women in Tech Forum 2020 Special Edition: Closing the Gender Gap in Technology

Seven years ago, Finland’s ambitious women leaders had but one option. Start to speed up the cultural shift in Finland and encourage women to work in tech. The first-ever Women in Tech Forum was held in 2013, gathering 500 participants in Espoo’s single lecture hall. The event’s success led to the birth of an organization that is today 46 member organizations strong and keeps growing.Continue reading...


Jill of All Trades: Shakera Jahan

I have been working in Digia’s Analytics department as a BI consultant for the past two years. My study background is in Electrical Engineering and I worked as a lab engineer in SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) project in a joint venture with the Bangladesh Government. Continue reading...




From Ada Lovelace to Marjo Miettinen — role models do matter

The co-founder of Women in Tech Finland, Marjo Miettinen, shares her thoughts about the future of technology in the first ever blog of Women in Tech Finland and stresses the need for a more diverse technical society. This blog post also marks the start of a blog series where we introduce you to inspiring role models from various fields of technology. Continue reading...