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We encourage and support

women and promote the values of

diversity, equity

and inclusion in technology

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 All of our events are free and open to anyone, and they are a great way to network and learn more about tech industry, careers and trends. We warmly welcome all new and old visitors to join our events this year as well!

We have gathered all open positions of our member companies in one place. Have a look and find your dream job!

Food for thought

If you are looking to find inspiring and insightful career stories from women working in tech, visit our role model blog. We share stories from women from different backgrounds and areas of expertise.

If you wish to gain more knowledge in diversity, equity and inclusion topics and why they are so important within the tech field as well, head over to our material bank. We have collected articles, guides and researches for anyone interested to read about the topics!

Our story

Women in Tech Finland was founded in 2012 by Marjo Miettinen and Anne Stenros, and the network was first part of Technology Industries of Finland. In 2020, Inklusiiv became the home for WiT Finland network.

Today, we have over 40 member organizations that share our vision in our community. We want to create a more equitable tech industry and encourage more girls and women into tech – because tech belongs to us all!