Women in Tech Network

Women in Tech Finland aims to encourage and support women and promote the values of diversity, equity and inclusion in technology.

WiT Talks with Zalando

Career opportunities in tech

Thursday, May 19 I 8 AM

Join our first ever WiT talks event to learn more about the diverse and awesome career opportunities in tech! This is a hybrid event and free for everyone.

Research Report

The Ingredients of Inclusivity (2021)

The impact of inclusive work cultures on
women in technology roles in Finland 

by Accenture, Mimmit Koodaa, TEK and Women in Tech Finland



Role model blog: Kaisa Korri,

Without revealing how old I am, let’s just say that in my childhood technology was not such an integral part of everyday life as it is now. I clearly remember...

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Women in Tech Finland wants a more diverse technical society

Women in Tech network was born as an idea in the fall 2012 by Marjo Miettinen and Anne Stenros. A home for the network was found at Technology Industries of Finland where Mervi Karikorpi and Piia Simpanen worked. By fall 2013, when the first bi-annual Women in Tech Forum was organized, Pia Erkinheimo also joined the team.