Role model blog: Mengwei Lu, Vaisala

Mengwei Lu is a Customer Experience Manager at Vaisala with a passion for creating exceptional customer experience. Together with colleagues, she ensures Vaisala to have deep understanding of customer needs and preferences and provide seamless experience to them in all channels.

Prioritizing Customer Experience: Working at the core of the success of a world-leading measurement technology company

As a world-leading measurement technology company, Customer Experience (CX) is a critical component of our success. Our high-tech products and services are designed to meet the needs of our customers, and their satisfaction with our offerings is essential for our continued growth and reputation in the industry. Ensuring that our customers have an exceptional experience when interacting with us, from initial contact to post-sales support, is, therefore, a top priority.

As someone who is passionate about CX, I find it incredibly rewarding to make a positive impact on how our customers interact with us and provide effective solutions to their measurement needs.


Mengwei, Customer Experience Manager, Vaisala

Starting a career in Finland

I consider myself fortunate that I have never been restricted to a specific path or career based on my gender. My parents have always been supportive of my choices, allowing me the freedom to explore different opportunities and pursue my passions. After I started my university study in China with French as my major, I quickly realized that it was not my true calling. I then began exploring different opportunities abroad, which eventually led me to Finland, where I pursued my bachelor’s degree in information technology. It was during my studies that I found my interest in data and its potential for driving business decisions. So, I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Information and Service Management at Aalto University. 

During my second year of Master’s study, I was fortunate to secure my first full-time job as a business insight analyst for a Helsinki-based tech start up. In that role, I collaborated closely with my colleagues to understand how to improve the experience of our panelists from acquisition to retention and worked on different analytics topics. After a couple of years, I wanted a new challenge and landed at KONE as a customer insight specialist. Here, I was given the opportunity to work with colleagues from 60 different countries to coordinate and manage the daily operation of a global customer loyalty study. It was at KONE that I realized my passion for improving customer experience. 

I was seeking career advancement when I came across the job opening as a Customer Experience Manager at Vaisala. During my study, I already got a chance to know Vaisala. I applied to the Giant Leap Internship Program at Vaisala during my study. Although I wasn’t selected for the position at that time, I remembered the positive impression Vaisala had left on me during the onsite recruitment process. So I decided to apply and I got the offer and joined Vaisala as a CX Manager in October 2021.

Over the past year and a half, I have been deeply involved in implementing the Customer Experience program at Vaisala. Together with my colleagues, we have accomplished many great things: We kicked off the Customer Experience program in 2022, and now the program is one of the key priorities for Vaisala.

Working at Vaisala

One of the things that I really appreciate here at Vaisala is the supportive culture. This became particularly evident to me when I started a second master’s degree in service design at the beginning of 2022. I got great support from my managers and colleagues. They not only encourage me to take on the challenges but also follow up with my progress and ensure that I was able to balance my studies while working.

Now I am about to start my thesis and I’m excited to be able to apply the knowledge and skills I’ve gained in my studies to my work at Vaisala. Thanks to the support from the team, I have been able to explore new ideas and take on new challenges that will help me to grow professionally and personally.

Another thing I appreciate a lot at Vaisala is that I have the opportunity to explore new responsibilities. I started to take the role of product owner of our self-service portal, MyVaisala, by the end of last year. Even though it was a completely new area for me, my colleagues have trust in my abilities and supported me throughout the onboarding process and daily work. Over the past five months, I have learned a lot and seen myself grow as a product owner. 

One of the best parts of this new role is that I have a chance to work on a very concrete platform with my colleagues across functions to help our customers improve their experience in the digital platform by introducing new features and changes to the portal. At the same time, this has also given me the opportunities to understand deeper the various processes at Vaisala.

It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to work in a field that truly interests and inspires you.

I consider myself fortunate to have found that at Vaisala, and to have supportive colleagues who are passionate about the same things. It’s even more rewarding when you see the company invest in these topics and you get to be a part of that positive change. Being able to contribute to Vaisala’s customer-centric culture and seeing the impact it has on our customers makes me proud to be a part of this company.