Marja Dunderfelt making an impact in the cybersecurity world

We are excited to present another wonderful woman to you, making an impact in the technology industry: Marja Dunderfelt, Chief Security Officer, Huawei Finland.

Marja Dunderfelt

When I finalized my first period of studies, I never planned or dreamed that I would someday work in technology companies or even management positions.

With my attitude, hardworking spirit, and interest in what I am doing, I have found my way to where I am today.

My over 20 years of working career in a multinational operator and security field have consisted of different types of security responsibilities, including over ten years in group-level security management positions. During that time, I also finalized several Business, Management, Security Management, Information Security Management studies at Aalto University, and Legal studies in Laurea. My next goal is to receive eMBA.

I am interested in change management, which I have also studied at Aalto University in Helsinki and I am best in challenging work environments.

My role as CSO in Huawei consists of cybersecurity requirement management and planning, security law and regulatory insight, external communication, compliance and risk handling, and awareness (cybersecurity training).

Since I am working for Huawei Finland’s representative office, one of my duties is to follow the new 5G legislation work and be part of authority workgroups defining critical parts of the networks and operators. What excites me is the variety of daily routines; every day is different, sometimes chaotic.

With technology, you make a difference or easier your daily duties — especially with health and wellness, IoT, and AI.

From a trend perspective: tech is evolving, which brings needs to change of competencies among tech professionals. This is linked to my interest in change management.

I follow privacy or cybersecurity-related tech trends. I try to follow articles and posts on Linkedin, attend webinars related to cybersecurity, and read magazines. It is also essential to have dialogs with colleagues from different companies and authorities.

I would like to see myself to evolve in my existing career bath. Learn my new company culture and contribute my best knowledge to current challenges that my company is facing.

Make your company known — its culture, benefits, people, (recruitment brand) — that it is not just for women.

I would not recommend companies to highlight too much the topic: how many women they have already in the company and high positions. More relevant is to set the same benefit scheme to all, including women.

I want to highlight the importance of knowing/understanding the business.

On many occasions, business requirements are forgotten in tech development and implementation planning. You will never succeed if you start your transformation with tech first.

Marja DunderfeltChief Security Officer | Huawei Finland