Jill of All Trades: Shakera Jahan

We are proud to be presenting the next inspiring Role Model in Tech: Shakera Jahan, a BI consultant from Digia. ?

Shakera Jahan

I have been working in Digia’s Analytics department as a BI consultant for the past two years. My study background is in Electrical Engineering and I worked as a lab engineer in SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) project in joint venture with the Bangladesh Government.

I enrolled into the integration program after coming to Finland to learn Finnish language. My career in Finland began as an assistant teacher in Kodarit where I taught programming languages like Python and Java to kids and young adults in Gameful-learning method. Later, my interests grew towards the field of cloud technologies and I got the opportunity to be enrolled in Saranen’s Microsoft Azure Academy in 2018 and eventually started working in Digia.

Currently my day to day work wraps around embedded analytics in Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO. This is new for me since I have mostly worked with Microsoft Azure cloud technologies and reporting. My job as a BI consultant is to design, implement and test cloud software solutions so my clients can migrate their enterprise to cloud.

Providing customers with practical yet sustainable cloud solution is the most rewarding part of my job.

Apart from being a developer, I have also taken up the Service Manager role which has enlightened me with a broader perception on project and resource management. It requires hard work and a lot of intuitive decision-making skills and patience, but the outcome is tremendous.

Continuous learning
There is always something new for me to learn, even in the scope of cloud technologies and reporting.

This is not a one-solution-fits-all industry; rather I must cater to individual operations and deliver solutions from scratch instead of simply modifying existing systems.

Therefore, being updated about the latest trends, emerging cloud solutions as well as new providers is an important part of my job.

I mostly keep myself updated about these by attending seminars and reading up blogs. I do not shy away from attending in-house trainings as this field is fast paced and often requires that you become jill of all trades! For me the biggest learning experience so far has been that even with similar industries, cloud solutions are worlds apart. It is more about customer’s choice, business operation culture and data availability.

Among the current trends in tech, Advanced and Predictive Analytics, Integrated Platforms (BI/PM) and Data Driven Culture excites me the most. In terms of BI reporting, I can not wait to explore augmented reality reporting. Judging by the current trends, I feel BI will expand more in perspective of Data Quality Management, AI and of course Machine Learning in coming future.

Next, I want to venture into the world of augmented reality in visualization/reporting. In the future I will probably still be working in this field, may be in a solution architect role. I love my job and can not think of changing the field – ever!

“Don’t worry about your background”
The field of technology is one of the most versatile areas of knowledge. If you are interested in pursuing a career in tech, you should not worry about your background. You can enroll into training programs that are built solely for the purpose of adapting people from all backgrounds into careers in tech.

Shakera Jahan BI consultant | Digia