Inspiring Women in Tech: Piia Simpanen, Co-Founder of Women in Tech Finland

We are excited to present to you another amazing woman in the Technology Industry: Piia Simpanen, Head of Growth Programmes, Technology Industries in Finland, Co-Founder of Women in Tech Finland

To begin with, as one of the founders of Women in Tech Finland, could you tell me what inspired you to help create the organization?

We at Technology Industries of Finland want to be a platform for new ideas. Sometimes the ideas remain as pilot projects, sometimes they grow into something bigger. In the case of Women in Tech, the latter happened. In 2012, we at Technology Industries of Finland gave a home to the idea of organizing an event for women working in technology industries. During the years, Women in Tech activities grew from a single event into an organization network.

This theme has always been important to me. I want to bring out the fantastic opportunities that the technology field can offer for everyone and support the women who have already chosen the path of technology. It has been so inspiring to be part of the evolution of Women in Tech.

How have you helped in promoting the goals of Women in Tech Finland over the past few years?

Until January 2020, I was the Lead of Women in Tech Finland. We provided opportunities for organizations and individuals to network; we organized many events such as Women in Tech Forums; we brought up diverse role models and raised discussion about why we need more women in tech. We also cooperated actively with different actors to have an impact on the whole society. During these years, many new initiatives and networks started to work with this important theme.

One of the most significant decisions in the history of Women in Tech Finland was when the home changed from Technology Industries of Finland to Inklusiiv. We wanted to give space to new activities and let Women in Tech develop and flourish even more at the new home. We believed that partnering with Inklusiiv would bring many great benefits, such as more resources, more knowledge, and a more significant impact.

Even though I am not the Lead of Women in Tech Finland anymore, I am still a member of the Advisory Board, and my work to support the cause continues. And of course, I promote diversity, inclusion, and equity in technology as part of my job at Technology Industries of Finland.

What are your thoughts on this year’s theme, “Closing the gender gap in Technology”?

Closing the gender gap in technology is an important theme and one of Finland’s biggest diversity problems. We need to inspire kids to get interested in technology from early on. There are many great initiatives, programs, and organizations in Finland that are working to this end.

We all need to cooperate to make it happen!

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