Virtual Women in Tech Forum 2020

This year, the Women in Tech Forum will be organized virtually on October 27th, 2020. The theme of this year is ‘’Closing the Gender Gap in Technology’’. The purpose of this event theme is to raise awareness on how we could close the gender gap and provide inspiring stories through examples and role models on what it is like to work and progress your career in tech.

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The most anticipated event of the year is the Women in Tech Forum, with the theme “Closing the Gender Gap in Technology”. On the 27th of October, we will be live streaming with everyone sharing a keen interest in the future of women in technology.  Make sure to be there!

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Keynote Speakers



Yacine Samb

As Google’s Product Marketing Manager for Northern Europe, Yacine has been with the global tech company for almost a decade. A career that has trained an analytical mindset, Yacine helps companies navigate and succeed in a constantly evolving digital landscape, through data-driven decisions. As an experienced practitioner of business organisational leadership, she supports leaders to harness the digital evolution through high-impact, cross-functional strategies.  

With roots in both Senegal and Finland, Yacine has lived and breathed the path of diversity. Currently, she holds the position as a Diversity Lead at Google, as well as an Advisor role at the non-profit organisation Ambitious Africa. In the past, she has been recognised, not only for her female leadership by the Finnish Chamber of Commerce but also on the cover of the business periodical, Talouselämä, bringing to light the need for greater workplace inclusivity. 

Yacine exercises her passionate belief in the value of diversity by championing the connections to an organisation’s long-term, financial success. Yacine is an advocate for entrepreneurial projects that drive the democratisation of technology and innovation. She leverages her public speaking and media influence to create solutions for building stronger and more productive economies. Yacine holds an Executive MBA from Aalto University, which has refined her geopolitical and macro-economic understanding of how to effect sustainable change to our societies.


Monika Liikamaa

Monika Liikamaa is the Co-Founder of Nordic payment service provider Enfuce.

Monika’s visionary thinking and her over 20 years of experience in the fast-paced payment industry, has enabled Enfuce to integrate services for its customers in record time. Building sustainable solutions is a core value of the company and this is made possible thanks to Monika’s wide knowledge of the industry. Monika believes wholeheartedly that a business is nothing without a great team of people, and that’s why she has joined forces with industry experts as co-founders and employees.

Life mottos

Don’t do shit, get shit done!

Have the courage to grab opportunity! When you have BIG dreams and goals you make big and bold decisions and then big things can happen!


Marjo Miettinen

Marjo Miettinen, PhD, is one of the owners and Chair of Ensto Group. Ensto, is an international technology company, a family business, founded in 1958. 

In January 2019 she was elected Chair of the Board of Technology Industries of Finland, a lobbying organisation for technology industry companies. 

She is a board member of the state owned company Solidium Oy and Chair of the Board of the Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion, also Board member of Technology Academy Finland TAF, Board member of EVA and ETLA and partner in Boardman Oy.  

Marjo Miettinen is one of the founders of the Women in Tech network, which is an organisation network for promoting technology careers for women. 

She has acted also as Chair of Family Business Network, Finland.

Marjo's specialties are:
Family Business
Board work and ownership
Education and working life issues

Life Motto

Continuous learning by asking why questions.




Tomas Nyström

Country Managing Director | Accenture Finland


Ekaterina Gianelli

Partner at Inventure |  Nordic venture capital firm

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Susanna Bairoh

Research Manager | TEK Finland

Marja Picture 2

Marja Dunderfelt

Chief Security Officer | Huawei Finland

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Kenigbolo Meya Stephen

Frontend Engineering Lead | BCaster Finland

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