Women in Tech Finland, an organization network, saw its’ daylight in inspiring discussions between Marjo Miettinen and Anne Stenros, Fall 2012.  A home for the idea was found from Technology Industries of Finland, in caring arms of Mervi Karikorpi and Piia Simpanen. By Fall 2013 when the first bi-annual “Women in Tech Forum” was organised, had Pia Erkinheimo also joined the team.


Marjo Miettinen
Ensto Oy

Pia Erkinheimo blackwhite

Pia Erkinheimo
Nordea Startup&Growth, Angel Investor

Anne Stenros_pieni

Anne Stenros
City of Helsinki


Piia Simpanen
Technology Industries of Finland


Mervi Karikorpi
Technology Industries of Finland

Women in Tech Finland grew in Fall 2015 to last the whole week with different kinds of activities e.g. “Women in Tech Pitch Event” for female founders, and technology education event for teacher education students.

In Fall 2017, whole Finlandia Hall with more than 1000 seats was reserved for the 3rd Women in Tech Forum, and by organizing the week for the 2nd time Women in Tech Finland was part of the programme for the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017.